Quilting Fabrics for Cottages in Common BOM Quilt

I’ve put together some links that you may find helpful in tracking down quilting fabrics used in my Cottage in Common BOM quilt.

Here’s a picture of the quilt for you.


Where possible I have included the name of the range and the manufacturer so that you can try and source the fabrics yourself.

Please note that some of these retailers are international.

The feature fabrics used in the quilt have been taken from the At Waters Edge range by Moda.

Here are some links to shops, in no particular order, that currently have this range in stock:

Provincial Patch


Quilt Basket


Colonial Crafts

The pale green fabric used for the background in the embroidered centre garden beds and in the appliquéd daisy blocks is out of a range called Shadow Play by Maywood studios it can be found at:

cc-appliqued-flowers cc-centre-garden

Shabby Fabrics

A fellow quilter also advised me that this fabric can be purchased from:

Patchwork With Gailb (may have to email )

The brown fabric used for the narrow borders is also from the range called Shadow Play by Maywood Studios it can be found at:

Fabric Depot

The green check fabric used in the outer border is a fabric by Faye Burgos for Marcus Brothers.

At this stage I have not been able to track this one down but here are two that are similar:

Click here for option one ( I think this one is the closest match)

Click here for option two (shop one)

Click here for option two (shop two)

The spotty cream I used as the background behind the cottages can be found at:

The Village Sampler

Border green fabric surrounding the patchwork side blocks can be found at:

Yummy Fabrics

and towards the bottom of this page click here



Brown plank fabric

Brown brick like fabric

More brick fabrics

I hope you have found this information helpful.

Please feel free to add a comment if you have found other suppliers of these fabrics.

Let’s all share the quilting love and help one another.

Good luck with your fabric quest!

Warmly Lenna


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Designer Fabrics from Duckcloth

Every now and again I come across something special that I just have to share with you.

Recently I have been inspired by the talents of designers who are creating stylish and beautiful fabrics. These unique and unusual fabrics have been popping up in my life time and time again, which has brought me to writing this article.

I think secretly I fantasize with the concept of designing my own range of fabrics. The whole idea of having a workshop devoted to creating beautiful fabrics thrills me no end. I long to play with paint and to try my hand at printing and creating wonderful designs.

As I discover the creative talents of others living my dream I am reminded that it is possible. I take my hat off to these innovative designers for sharing their talents with us.

If you long to make something special from designer fabrics then take a look at some of these wonderful fabrics that I have found from Duck Cloth.

This easy to navigate website showcases the work of a number of talented designers. Here are just a few for you to enjoy.

These are linen fabrics suitable for clothing or homewares are are designed by Nani IRO.

Click here for the link to the page.

Kristen Doran has designed these fabrics which are hand printed in Sydney.

Click here for the link to see more of her designs.

Who could resist these adorable chooks, sheep and pigs?

Here’s the link for more information about them.

And just in case you are looking for something special for the younger people in your life here are some fabrics that will make you happy:

Here’s the link to see more from the range

I’m not sure what it is, but penguins always make me laugh and this cute little guy is no exception. I want him to come and live in my house!

I hope you have enjoyed these fabrics as much as I have. My mind is spinning with possibilities of what I could create with some of these beautiful fabrics. I imagine your mind is too.

Until next time happy creating and happy fabric hunting!

Warmly Lenna


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Garden of Dreams Fabrics

One of the constant problems faced by avid patchwork and quilters is tracking down fabrics. The problem starts when we fall in love with a quilt or project and want to make an exact copy for ourselves. For most of us it’s the way the designer has used the fabrics and colours to create something wonderful that catches our eye. Quite often it’s the combination of colour and fabric that we have fallen for and not the design itself.The problem reaches greater proportions when our favourite patchwork shop sells out of the fabrics that we need for our project and hence our quest begins.

I understand this dilemma very well because it has happened to me. So when fellow fabric hunters began contacted me in their search for the fabric range I used in my block of the Month quilt “Garden of Dreams”, I shared their plite.

Here’s a picture of the quilt in question.

Click here to see the quilt in more detail

To assist them in their quest I have included some links to retailers who currently stock these fabrics.

Many of the fabrics used came from the Mrs March range Antique Roses from Lecein:

Here are some samples I tracked down and the links to the retailers who still have them in stock:

These are from Pieces to Treasure.


Click here for the link to these fabrics

 Here are a few more I came across:


These fabrics can be found at Crafty Lady click here for the link to the page

The exciting news is that The Crafy Lady also has packs of 36 x 5″ squares from the range for $17. This pack would be ideal for this project and makes buying fabric very cost effective.

 And a few more:


These are from Village Patch. Click here for the link to the page.

They also have some of the checks from the range as well.

I hope this information will help those in search of the fabrics used in my Graden of Dreams” quilt.

Happy fabric hunting!

Warmly Lenna






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Dots and Checks Quilting Fabric on Sale

I love collecting fabrics for the stash that will co ordinate with lots of other fabrics, especially if I find quilting fabrics on sale.

Dots and checks are among my favourites for this purpose. I think falling for the lovely “Laura Ashley” look years ago has had an influence on my own fabric choices when putting fabrics together for a new quilt or project. I enjoy working with small dots and checked fabrics in combination with floral fabrics . They usually work well together and give a much less “fussy look” compared to using all floral fabrics alone.

The exciting news is that I have found some dot and check quilting fabrics on sale for you.

Here are some samples of the quilting fabrics on sale:



The dots and checks on sale are from Renmark Craft Corner for only $10 per metre.

They have  a minimum cut of 1/2 metre.

Click here for the link to the dot quilting fabric on sale.

Click here to see the check and plaid quilting fabrics on sale

I hope you find something to suit your own fabric stash.

Until next time happy fabric hunting!

Warmly Lenna


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Nursery Dots and Stripes For Kids

Came across these vintage style kids fabrics and had to share them with you. There is definitely something appealing about these designs that take us back to days gone by.

Here are the samples I came across from Hatched and Patched:




Click here if you would like some more details.

There is also a yellow version of the top sample.

I wish I had a friend or family member expecting a new baby so that I’d have the perfect excuse to buy these fabrics and make something.

They lend themselves to so many ideas and projects. Wouldn’t they look stylish as the trim for some cot sheets? Or perhaps used in some kid’s cushions for the bed. Or maybe incorporated into a cot quilt. And there are always soft toy patterns if you are after a smaller project. Ahhhhh so many options to think about! And still I can’t think of someone who is expecting!

Hope you like them as well.

Until next time happy fabric hunting!

Warmly Lenna


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Jane Austen Fabrics

Recently my 15 year old daughter has shown an interest in historic English movies. These (to my excitement) have included movies based on Jane Austen’s novels. We have had many a night enjoying the castles, the fashion and the English gentlemen.

In keeping with this theme I stumbled across some fabrics today based on those used by Jane Austen in one of her quilts. I was delighted to discover that this quilt is being cared for and is on display in a museum in England.

Here’s a picture of it for you:


Click here if you would like to find out more information about it.

There is also some free instructions on how the quilt was made just in-case you are tempted to start a new project.

Here are some samples of the Jane Austen inspired fabrics I came across:

jane-austin1.jpg jane-austin4.jpg jane-austin2.jpg

jane-austin5.jpg jane-austin3.jpg

I really like these and can’t stop imagining myself dressed in an elegant gown drinking cups of tea and sewing all day long. As was the custom of elegant and wealthy ladies back in Jane’s time.

If you would like to see the complete range inspired by Jane Austen then visit Quiltsmith. Click here for the exact page to the range.

The fabrics are $22 per metre. Very tempting!!!

Until next time happy fabric hunting!

Warmly Lenna


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Flannel Quilting Fabric – Romance Range

As soon as Autumn arrives I find myself thinking of flannel quilting fabrics. There is nothing better than snuggling up under a hand made quilt from specially chosen flannel fabrics. Since moving to a cooler climate I have decided that I need to make a flannel quilt for my bedroom. I’d also like to make one for the kids to snuggle under (and no doubt argue under) whilst on the lounge watching TV.

Truth is I started making a flannel quilt a few years ago. I cut up all the flannel fabrics ands started piecing together. It wasn’t long before I decided that I really didn’t like the fabrics I had chosen. To my dismay they were not working well in the quilt at all. I had bought them in haste a few years ago when ranges of flannel fabrics were limited and shops did not have a lot to choose from. Ho Hum another UFO!!!

Today however, while doing some research on line, I have discovered lots of beautiful flannel quilting fabrics and I have been inspired once again. I think it’s a combination of finding  gorgeous flannel quilting fabrics and feeling the chill in the air.

Because I love older style vintage florals my eyes were naturally drawn to this beautiful range currently on offer at Kirk Bride Quilting. The range is called Romance and it’s not hard to see why.

Here are some samples of the flannels for you:

flannels1.jpgflannels2.jpgflannels3.jpg flannels5.jpg

Aren’t they just gorgeous? There are some lovely tone on tone flannel fabrics in the range which include a cream, dark green and deep rose colour, as well as the one shown above.

They are priced at $22 AU per metre Click here if you would like to discover more.

I wonder how I can keep my UFO hidden and then purchase these flannel quilting fabrics  instead?

Until next time happy flannel fabric hunting.

Warmly Lenna


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